I CAN Change a Leopard’s Spots

A few months ago, my husband and I celebrated our ten-year, first-date anniversary. (Yes, we celebrate out first date! But only because we got married on Christmas Eve–all the ladies say “awww”–and the holiday season is usually sucked up by family time, so it’s easier to celebrate just Us on a different date.) I bought this midi skirt for our big night out because it looked so beautiful online and I had the perfect outfit in my mind. Well, it’s technically a midi skirt, but on me it’s more of a maxi. 🙂

Once the package arrived, I couldn’t remember why I thought it would look so great. It’s absolutely not my style at all. I think longer skirts tend to make me look shorter, and I manage that effect organically as it is. I even tried it on as a dress and…




So I decided to turn it into a tank top instead! Click for the tutorial.

Step One. Start with the skirt lying flat, inside out.

Using a tank top that fits you perfectly, cut the armholes and neckline. Leave the bottom hem alone, so you don’t have to hem it in the end. 🙂

Step two. Separate the front and back pieces, and drop the front neckline several inches or to your desired spot.

Step three: I decided to do a racerback thingy for the back piece. To do that, I just cut the armhole inwards by several inches, but I left the shoulder cut completely alone because it will still have to match up with the shoulder cut of the front piece. (pictured below, the front piece of the tank top is on the left, and the back piece is on the right.)

Step four. To make life easier, hem the neckline and armholes of both pieces now. You could do this after, but it will be much easier before your pieces are completely assembled.

Step five. Lay the pieces flat again, match up the shoulder and side seams, and sew the shoulder and side seams.

That’s it! You’re done. Simple, no?


One Comment to “I CAN Change a Leopard’s Spots”

  1. Great job! You cant even tell! Feel free to check out our blog, http://www.twinspiration.co 🙂

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