Bumbling Panda’s Affiliate Policy

Hey guys, sometimes I have affiliate links on my blog. My policy is that I will never link to a website or online store that I have not personally purchased from, or fully endorse. I stand behind any sponsor I have. If I link to a sponsor, I will always indicate that it is an affiliate link by putting (affiliate) behind it. If you do not see an (affiliate) indication, then it is simply a product or company that I happen to like.

As for product reviews, if the product is sponsored or given to me in an exchange for a review, I always say so. If I do not give a disclaimer for the product, you can rest assured that I probably just love it enough to write about it.

That being said, I am completely honest in all my reviews whether they are sponsored or not. I work hard to earn my income as well, and would never disrespect another person’s hard work by attempting to trick them into buying anything that doesn’t meet up to its standards.

So basically, my policy is one of full disclosure and honesty. I will always tell you whether or not something is sponsored or is an affiliate link. My reviews are completely honest and I try to be as thorough as possible. I hope this explains everything about the products and links on my website.

If you would like me to review a product for your company, please feel free to contact me. My blog is mostly about fashion, sewing, staying fit and healthy, and beauty, but I am a strange and random person, so you never know what might come up next. 😉

Any other questions, feel free to contact me.


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