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July 17, 2015

TMI Friday: Guys! I went to the mall and only spent $15!

Pink Pointy Heel Pumps and Sunglasses

And then I went to H&M the next day and spent much more. But that’s a whole other topic. For now, let’s focus on the fact that I only spent $15, which is a miracle considering that I walked the entire length of the Lakewood Shopping Center and visited all my favorite stores. This was right after an hour of swimming and no food, so I’m actually proud of myself for not caving into the temptation known as Auntie Annie’s.

(Then I went home and stuffed my face with a bowl of Ramen + egg whites + Pepper Jack cheese (it’s weird but try it!) + chicken dumplings + kale. Yeah! I know! It’s the weirdest unhealthiest + heathiest combination ever and I both enjoyed it thoroughly and regret it immensely!)

So I have been dying, DYING to get some pointy heel pumps. But I’m also very particular. I need them to be a certain height–not too low and not too high and I need the pointiness to be JUST pointy enough. When I stepped into Charlotte Russe, it was only to brave the jewelry section and see if, for once, I can find anything I like. (Nothing to do with their jewelry selection, more to do with my lack of interest in jewelry at all.) They’re having a buy one, get one for $10 sale on shoes, so I figured I’d check it out. But none of their selection really worked out, except when I stepped near the clearance section. And that’s when I spotted these GORGEOUS neon pink pointy toe pumps!

Pink Pointy Heel Pumps

I knew the moment we met that I had to have you.

I’m in love. And then I checked the price. Only $9.99. And in my size. And it’s like…this is the moment I’ve been waiting for……


Right now, they’re on the Charlotte Russe site for $28.99 (but as part of their buy one get one for $10 deal), so I definitely nabbed a steal there.

I’m so so happy right now. I had no place to wear them, being the lonely loser and hermit that I am currently–well it was Sunday and all I really wanted to do was stay home and read a book and maybe attempt to sew something–so I just wore them while I lounged around the house. I pretty much spent an entire afternoon drinking tea on my couch and staring at my new shoes. I know. I’m aware of how sad this sounds. I swear, I have friends. They were just busy.

Having such a round face, I can hardly find the right sunglasses. They have to be flat with rounded square lenses, and they have to be large enough to fit my strangely large head and to also make my face appear smaller. Because when I try to wear smaller frames, I look like the Hulk as he erupts with hunger, I mean anger.

I walked by these Aviators–which usually tend to make my face look like it’s droooooooping–and for some reason figured I should give them a try. And I actually love them!

Aviator Sunglasses from Charlotte Russe

They’re now my favorite sunglasses. The nose-piece elevates them slightly so that my huge cheeks don’t hit the frame when I smile. Plus, they were on sale for $3 (down from $6). Boom. You best believe I’m go’ng to buy dem shades. (That’s right, folks. You can take the lady out of Westminster, but you can’t take the Wet-min-tuh out of the AzN BbY GrL.)

Thus concludes my TMI Friday. I was so excited about my purchases, that I had to share with you guys. What are you shopping for this weekend?

July 10, 2015

TMI Friday: No I will not sew that for you.

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss

Because I want you to make it yourself! That’s why I write and create tutorials. I love to sew and want to teach others how to do it also. And that way, I won’t be alone in my obsession and I’ll have someone to tell me it’s okay to spend a chunk of my paycheck on fabric every month, hehe.

I get a lot of people asking me if I can make them clothes. Ironically, it’s always a dress or something I made in a video tutorial. I say it’s ironic because I created that tutorial specifically to teach you how to make that one thing, and here I have people asking me to make it for them.

The answer is always a clear and resounding No. But lately I’ve decided that I shouldn’t be so one-sided. So here’s the deal:

If you live in Southern California or within close range of Long Beach or you’re willing to drive to Long Beach for this purpose, then yes. I will make you something. Granted, you’ll have to pay for the fabric. You won’t, however, have to pay for the dress itself or the time and effort it will take for me to make it. The only thing I want in return is for you to pose in pictures. 🙂 And also short clips for videos. These pictures and clips will be posted on my blog, social media, and YouTube.

So that’s the deal.

The truth is…after editing a million pictures of myself and my dresses over the past weeks, I am incredibly sick and tired of looking at my face. And fixing the same flaws. Getting rid of the same blemishes. I’ve got to say though, thank God for Photoshop. I wish there was a patch tool for my life.

Anyway, if you’re also sick of looking at my face, my coworkers are on board, so you’ll see some fresh looks on here pretty soon. Have a great weekend guys, and I’ll see you on Monday for a makeup review. Also don’t forget,the first 10 dresses in 10 weeks tutorial will be posted this coming Tuesday, so stay tuned!

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