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September 20, 2013

5 DIY Halloween Costumes and Video Tutorials

Halloween’s coming up! It’s like the holiday that’s made for crafters and people who sew. Do you know what you’re going to dress up as? Instead of spending too much money on a single costume you might never wear again, why not put together something yourself and show off your creativity? We’ve put together a list of five sewing tutorials on YouTube. Hope they inspire you to make your own!

Pirate Costume

Threadbanger shows you how to make an entire pirate costume.

Hooded Cape Costume

Capes are simple and easy–to make and to wear. You’ll probably be grateful if Halloween night happens to be chilly.

Mad Hatter 

One of my favorite storybook characters, the Mad Hatter has got to be the coolest costume to dress up as. Learn how to do the makeup also with this cool tutorial.

Poison Ivy

A flashback from the old Batman movies, this Uma Thurman Poison Ivy-inspired costume is cute, sexy, and really creative.

Totoro Hoodie

I love Totoro! Enough said.

BONUS: Dog Hoodie

Dogs love to dress up too. 🙂 Check out this tutorial for a dog hoodie, which includes instructions on how to make your own pattern.

September 10, 2013

Minion Hoodie Sewing Tutorial


As promised, I’ve finished the video tutorial on the minion hoodie. Check it out below!

September 3, 2013

How to Make a Reversible Pencil Skirt

ImageNow that summer is over, it all back to business, at least in my book. I really love fall weather…the nice breeze, the air growing cooler (hopefully!), crunchy leaves, and lightweight coats. It’s also the perfect time to slip into a skirt that works great in the office and for a night out. But to amplify the versatility of one of my favorite pieces, I decided to make a reversible pencil skirt that I could style at least two different ways.

I found the perfect wool houndstooth print at Joann’s and decided I had to turn it into something for fall. The black checkered print that makes up the other side of the skirt is something I found at a thrift store auction and just couldn’t give up. I thought it worked perfectly for my reversible skirt project. I used elastic for the waist to make it even more comfortable.

Check out my sewing tutorial on YouTube to find out how I made it!