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July 27, 2015

Lips as Red as Oranges

So this is what I really do during my lunch when I should be eating. Buying lipstick and then wearing it and taking pictures in my car while listening to K-ROQ and hoping a Vampire Weekend song will play before I have to go back to the office where I will immediately eat off said lipstick as a result of drinking too much tea in an attempt to not freeze to death.

Maybelline Sensation Royal Rush 735

Maybelline Color Sensational Royal Rush 735

I LOOOOOVE this Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Royal Rush (735). I’m not too big a fan of red lipstick, but when I saw this color, I knew I had to have it. It’s bright and–while you can’t really see it in the picture–has a bit of an orange tint. I really love how it brightens up my face in a subtle but also major way, if that makes sense. 🙂

Maybelline Sensation 735 Rose Rush

Maybelline Color Sensational 735 Rose Rush

The lipstick has a subtle perfume to it but it’s not overpowering like some other lipsticks I’ve worn. It’s actually quite pleasant in a surprising way. Like you’ll catch it when you smile or turn and a breeze picks up on it.

To be honest, most lipsticks and glosses don’t last long for me in general because I’m always snacking or sipping tea and coffee. But I wore this out on an impromptu walk with Husband, and more than an hour later it was still fresh and bright like I had just put it on. I have never been able to really test how long a lip product lasts on me, though, but I was happy when I got home and saw that this lipstick had stayed put.

Totally plan to wear this during an upcoming weekend to San Diego for Husband’s birthday. I can’t wait! Now…what to wear, what to wear…

November 6, 2013

Bumbling Panda T-Shirt Designs

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Our t-shirt designs are done and almost ready to be sent off into the t-shirt world! I’m so excited about these and couldn’t wait to share them! (All props go to my husband, Alex, of course, he came up with the concept for all these amazing t-shirts.)

Our first design features the Bumbling Panda logo. I really love these, but I’m biased here since it has our cute little bumbling panda himself being all awkward and stuff. I remember the day I first drafted up that little guy. Had no idea he would stumble so far, but here we are! So exciting. 🙂

Bumbling Panda Logo T-shirt

These Panda Eyes t-shirts are so simple and so adorable! I love the minimalist design. We’ll have these t-shirts printed on white and black at first and maybe move onto more colors in the future.

Panda Eyes T-Shirt

This has got to be my favorite of all the new t-shirts. Pandas…ninjas…Panda ninjas who endorse recycling. Come on. What’s not to love? (The back says “Recycle or Die” in Japanese.)
Recycle Or Die T-Shirts

What do you think of these new t-shirt designs? Which one is your favorite? Let me know if you like them and if you have any suggestions or feedback. 🙂

November 4, 2013

Upcycle T-shirts into Beanies!


As the weather drops it’s difficult not to think about warm hats, hoodies, and of course Christmas sweaters! I always get the itch to knit around the holidays and I’m notorious for making crocheted and knitted hats for all my friends and family. (Not sure if this is a good thing, but I haven’t heard anyone complaining…)

Of course, at Bumbling Panda we’re all about going green and recycling, upcycling, and giving every piece of clothing a second chance. So I pulled out a couple worn t-shirts from my thrift haul and mulled over what to do with them. It didn’t take long for that ah-ha! moment to hit. Then I grabbed a pair of scissors, snip snip snipped, and turned my t-shirts into a beanie. It took about three t-shirts to make this beanie, but it is pretty loose and slouchy on me, just how I like it. It’s super comfy and really thick and warm! Perfect for the cold weather (although I do live in Southern California, so I might be over-exaggerating the coldness here).

If you plan on making your own t-shirt beanie, send me a pic of it! I’d love to see how it turned out. Here’s a helpful video on how to turn your t-shirt into yarn to knit or crochet whatever you want. It doesn’t have to stop at hats! Turn that t-shirt into whatever your heart desires and keep on dressing responsibly!

September 23, 2013

9 Halloween Crafts Made with Recycled Materials

Halloween isn’t just about the costumes. More than anything, it’s about the decorations and getting the spooky feel just right. But instead of wasting money on a new set of Halloween decorations this year, why not make your own from recycled products? We gathered some of the cutest crafts from around the Blogosphere, and the best part is they’re all made from recycled or repurposed materials. Check out all the tutorials and projects below.

1. Jack-O-Lanterns Made with Old Lightbulbs

A new spin on the Jack-O-Lantern, these are made from old light bulbs. We all know you’ve got a few hiding somewhere, so whip ’em out, paint on them, and then draw in the details with a sharpie. You can even add embellishments like the one shown in the photo.

LightBulb Jack O Lantern

2. Bat Masks Made with Milk Jugs

Milk jugs are wonderful things to recycle. They are malleable and sturdy and can basically make anything…like these bat masks! Cut out mask shapes, then paint over them and voila!

milk jug bat masks

3. Frankenstein Made with Old CD

The CD once had its heyday, and now there are probably a bunch of them sitting in the corner of a forgotten cupboard in your house. Grab one and embellish all over it with felt and other craftiness to make this adorable Frankenstein.

frankenstein cd

4. Pumpkin Made with Old Grocery Bags

If you’ve got a lot of grocery bags lying around that you know you’re never going to use, cut out a bunch of pumpkin shapes and turn it into this cute piece.

3 dimensional paper bag pumpkin - - cover

5. Halloween Garland with Coffin Made from Old Book Pages

This garland is made from some Christmas lights and clothespins. The coffin shapes are made from recycled book pages. The best part is once Halloween is over you can take down the coffin and pumpkins and you’ll be ready for Christmas!

halloween coffin garland recycled book page stamped

6. Halloween Bowling with Used Milk Bottles

Throwing a party? Make up a fun game with these used milk bottles and a jack-o-lantern or ball, and play Halloween bowling!


7. Old Crayon Boxes into Trick Or Treat Bags

When your old crayons are long gone, save the boxes and turn them into these trick or treat bags.


8. Mummified Boxes

Grab some old strips of fabric or toilet paper and wrap it around a box or any object to “mummify” it.

9. Egg Cartons into Bats

You’ll probably never have a shortage of egg cartons. So cut yours up, paint on them, and make these spooky bats!

Egg Carton Bats


September 10, 2013

Minion Hoodie Sewing Tutorial


As promised, I’ve finished the video tutorial on the minion hoodie. Check it out below!

September 7, 2013

DIY Planner with Recycled Book and Paper

As a notorious procrastinator, I’m plagued with a combination of contradictory habits: I’m messy but I’m also extremely organized. Or rather, I like to pretend I’m organizing my time and managing my projects, when really, what I’m doing is putting off having to do those projects themselves. As a result, I start a lot of “journals” where I attempt to plan. I’m obsessed with notebooks, pens, post-its, dividers, index cards… Needless to say, my desk is a mess and I hate it but I also love it. It’s quite a dilemma.

My obsession with organization came in handy when I got the itch to stitch make something yesterday! I didn’t just want to buy a new SONY DSCplanner for a number of reasons. Mostly because they are so limiting with pre-filled sheets, and I like some room for creativity.  Plus I knew that my daily planner sheet needed to be specific to what need to focus on to actually get things done. Lastly, I wanted to recycle and repurpose materials that I had laying around my house. I’ve been dying to make my own planner, especially when there are so many free printable planner sheets on the Pinterestosphere. So I finally sucked it up and got to work.

Step One: Decide what sort of planner you need–day, week, or month–and what your pages will look like

Personally, I prefer daily planners. I know there are some of us who like to use weekly or monthly planners, which is fine. But I like to break my tasks up into small, quick-to-finish steps, and a daily planner is more ideal for me. There are lots of free printables, but I wanted something specific to fit my needs and what keeps me on track. I created my own, which I’m uploading here (Day Planner Sheet) for you to download for free if you would like to use it yourself. My daily sheet is based on the “one thing a day” concept. In this day and age where people are constantly running around, getting things done, life can be overwhelming, and just concentrating on one task a day, even if you will obviously do more than that one task, is a relief and gives more focus to your day.

I also created monthly sheets (Monthly Planner Sheet) because even though I need to see my tasks on a day-to-day basis, I also need to glance at the bigger picture now and then.

These sheets are sized at 6.5″ by 9″ to fit the cover that I used, but if you’re using them personally, you can still print them on regular sized paper by adjusting your printer settings so it fits at 100%. These don’t have dates so you can fill them in as you go, and that gives a bit more room for breathing.

I printed these pages on used paper, so it’s like double recycling! You could also print on both sides of the paper to save space.

Step Two: Decide on the cover

My favorite children’s book of all time is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I always feel like I’m committing the biggest sin when I use a book for a crafty project (AKA cut it up, rip it apart, completely destroy it). But I had to remind myself that books are for sharing and learning, not gathering dust on your bookshelf. I decided to use my copy of Green Eggs and Ham as my cover for my planner, but instead of just using the cover, I left the pages in the planner itself. I randomly dispersed the pages throughout the planner so the story and the book in its entirety are still part of the final project.

Step Three: Decide on your binding

I punched 2 holes into the pages, drilled 2 holes in the cover, and binded everything with book rings (I bought an assortment from Target, but you can also order them from Amazon). You can also use blinder clips, thread the pages together (Design Sponge has a great tutorial), or use a binding method that you like.

Step Four: Sort your paper and bind everything together

Planner Once I had all my paper cut (since my planner sheets were 6.5″ by 9″ to fit my book, I had to do a lot of cutting. Poured myself a large glass of water and set up my table on the balcony to soak up the sunset and nice breeze), I assembled my pages. I put all the months at the front, then all the daily sheets after. The pages from Green Eggs and Ham were dispersed throughout the book. Make sure the holes are aligned, then insert the book rings or bind them in whatever way you want. Presto, you are done!

I like the way mine turned out, although my printer did cut off some parts at the top and left hand side of the pages. It’s really thick, but that’s because I only printed on one side of the page (since I printed on used paper), but you can minimize this by printing on both sides. Also, I pretty much stuffed it with as many daily sheets as possible so that I don’t have an excuse not to use it.

What do you think? I hope you were inspired to create your own planner with reused materials! What would you make your DIY planner with? If you do, be sure to email pictures or leave a comment below and tell us all about it. 🙂