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August 7, 2015

DIY Friday: Non-Slip Shoe Pads with Traction Tape

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

All right ladies, I know we’ve all been there. There’s a pair of shoes that are just gorgeous. The only problem is once you try to walk in them, your feet will go flying and you’ll look like Bambi learning to walk.

You can buy non-slip pads, but those can go anywhere from $4 to $8 a pop, which adds up pretty quick if you’re like me and have more shoes than, well, I’m not going to say than what because you might be horrified.

So make your own! I bought a roll of traction tape, and I’ve been cutting off strips to stick onto the bottom of my shoes. They work great–actually, even better than the non-slip pads that I was scammed into buying way back before I knew traction tape existed. And seven and a half feet of this stuff will last me, um, hopefully until next year, haha.

You can get traction tape on Amazon or any hardware store. This is the one I got, because it’s clear, but color doesn’t matter since it will go on the bottom of the shoe. As long as it’s sticky and wide enough to cover your shoe.

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

First measure how much you’ll need, and then cut out a piece of traction tape that will cover the bottom of your shoe.

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

Then snip off any extras if your shoe has a unique shape, like these pointy toed pumps.

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

Peel and apply to the bottom of the shoe.

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

Press and rub to activate the adhesive, or just walk around in them for a little bit.

How to make your own non skid shoe pads

Voila! Easy enough, right? 🙂

(Yes, sorry for the gross cuticles. Swimming and sewing and crocheting and never having lotion will do that to ya.)

DIY Non Slip Shoe Pads with Traction Tape by Bumbling Panda

August 6, 2015

Missing Pieces

Blue Polka Dot Dress with Yellow Cardigan 1 Blue Polka Dot Dress with Yellow Cardigan 5

Blue Polka Dot Dress with Yellow Cardigan 4

Blue Polka Dot Dress with Yellow Cardigan 2

cut out blush shoes

I’m so into this cutout trend right now, and I love everything about these shoes. The Oxford, the lace, the detail, the blush color. Again like my cutout boots, I have no idea what to do about the sock issue… I just sucked it up and wore the ones you wear with flats, so sorry for the faux pas yet again.

I have this nerd-fetish for libraries. I love them all. The smell and feel and quiet and solitude of them. The way that everyone leaves you alone the moment you step inside. (Well, except for this one traumatic incident in my childhood, but I won’t get into that right now.) I especially love the Huntington Beach and Newport Beach library, which are both just gorgeous places.

When I worked at this one fabric store, I used to come to this library during my lunch. It’s a gorgeous, small place in Signal Hill, so of course I went there over the weekend to check out some books.

I love pairing navy blue with yellow, especially mustard. Actually I just love the color mustard in general. I thought the blush-colored oxford flats would go well as a neutral balance to the rest of the outfit.

blue polka dot with yellow cardigan 3

:: Outfit Details ::

White Polka Dot on Navy Blue Dress (~$15 at Ross)
Mustard Yellow Cardigan (~15 from Papaya)
Blush-Colored Lace-up Cutout Oxford Shoes ($10 from here)
Handmade Crossover Body Clutch(~$20 from Etsy, but I can’t remember which store 😦 )

July 30, 2015

The Girl in the Purple Scarf

Girl in the Purple ScarfGirl in the Purple ScarfGirl in the Purple Scarf

I’m channeling Becky Bloomwood a.k.a. Shopaholic today–figuratively of course (actually, literally as well, but don’t tell Husband, shh). Except my scarf isn’t from D&G, it’s from Express. Also, I don’t have a British accent, just a boring American one, and I wish my life was half as dramatic as hers, although not really because I’m really happy with the way it is so far. 🙂

Also the dress is made by me, and I doubt Becky Bloomwood would ever make anything that she can just buy.

Girl in the Purple Scarf

Click to learn how to make this dress!

Girl in the Purple Scarf

It was cold today! Which explains the scarf. Fine, by California standards it was cold. In the morning. And then it warmed up by lunch time. So I felt like a weirdo in this scarf and cardigan standing amidst a bright sunlit park. Still, it’s lovely and I feel lovely in it, so I’m not taking it off. (Well, maybe when it gets hot, though.)

Girl in the Purple Scarf

I love reading outside, and settling down in the sun is while the weather is just right is the perfect way to spend my lunch.

This post deviates from my usual budget for Outfits-on-a-Budget, BUT I’ve worn this scarf so many times that I no longer feel bad about it. It was $40 from Express, and I bought it back in the days when I thought it was okay to pop 40 bucks on one piece of fabric. But they say you should divide the dollar amount by how many times you’ll wear it, and then decide if the purchase was worth it. Well I’ve worn this about a thousand times, which means it would cost me 4 cents every time I wear it. So by that logic, I totally deserve more of these scarves.

Or maybe I’ll just make some. 🙂

:: Outfit Details ::

Elastic-Waist Curved Hem Print Dress (made by yours truly, tutorial here!)
White Hollister Knit Cardigan (Christmas gift from my sister-in-law)
Leggings (~$6 from Ross)
Cross-Over-Body Bag (~$30 from H&M)
Brown Flats ($13 from Ross)
Purple Scarf (~$40 from Express)

July 3, 2015

Do I Have Too Much Time?

Did anyone else take about an hour getting dressed this morning? Or was it just me. I’m talking just getting dressed–not even makeup or hair or anything (because when do I really spend that much time on my makeup or hair, being the low-maintenance lazy person that I am).

Seriously I changed my top about three times. I had originally decided on my usual staple of dress + leggings + chunky heel boots + cardigan. But then I figured in the spirit of casual Friday, I should dress…well, casual. So I switched out my dress for a Peter-Pan-collar top. It just so happens that the top is a star-print  silk number, which goes perfect with Independence Day. That worked pretty well because the top was long enough that it COULD be considered a dress if you’re That Person.

But then I realized I wasn’t That Person. At least, not at work anyway. So I switched out my leggings for skinny jeans. Then I couldn’t decide on which jacket to wear because I don’t like baring my arms if I can help it. Mostly because it’s cold and also because I’m self-conscious about them. First I tried on a denim jacket that I love, but that looked terrible, and the silhouette just wasn’t working. (I still keep trying to find an excuse to wear that jacket, and no go so far.)

Anyway, four cardigans later, here I am.

Mostly I just wanted to wear my new boots though. 🙂

The fact that I spend so much time deciding what to wear got me thinking about this concept of time, and how I allocate it. It’s not that I have too much time or too little of it. Like they say, I have the same 24 hours in my day as the next person. But it’s what I do with it.

The truth is I just don’t sleep as much as other people. On average, I get five to six hours a night. I know this will one day bite me in the butt, but I can’t help it. When I try to sleep more, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night or toss and turn and waste time I could have spent doing something more useful. Just to fall asleep at night, I have to wake up early, and then I also have to exercise my body to the point of exhaustion. Otherwise, I’ll spend four hours staring at my ceiling, too tired to get up, but too wired to fall asleep.

When people hear about how busy I am–I have a full-time job + one part time job (though sometimes as a petsitter, I’m kind of just paid to sleep) + freelance writing + sewing, arts & crafts and my blog–they tend to respond with disbelief. Then they’ll say something like, “You have too much time on your hands.”



Me. The girl with such a busy schedule that I literally had no time to cut my own fingernails. So I had to suck it up and bring a nail clipper with me this morning, and clip them while I was waiting for the elevator. Okay, I know that’s gross, but I was desperate, and I really hate it when my nails are even slightly long. It gets me irritable and I want to turn everything into a scratching post. Like a cat.

Then again, I did spend an hour changing clothes this morning. So maybe they have a point.

:: Outfit Details ::
Old silky top with Peter Pan Collar and white star prints on black ($10 from here)
Skinny distressed jeans ($10 from here)
Long, knee-length cardigan from Ross (too old to remember :P)
Charlotte Russe Cut-out Chunky Heel Boots ($10 from here)
Crossover-Body Bag (about $30 from H&M)