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June 30, 2015

I CAN Change a Leopard’s Spots

A few months ago, my husband and I celebrated our ten-year, first-date anniversary. (Yes, we celebrate out first date! But only because we got married on Christmas Eve–all the ladies say “awww”–and the holiday season is usually sucked up by family time, so it’s easier to celebrate just Us on a different date.) I bought this midi skirt for our big night out because it looked so beautiful online and I had the perfect outfit in my mind. Well, it’s technically a midi skirt, but on me it’s more of a maxi. 🙂

Once the package arrived, I couldn’t remember why I thought it would look so great. It’s absolutely not my style at all. I think longer skirts tend to make me look shorter, and I manage that effect organically as it is. I even tried it on as a dress and…




So I decided to turn it into a tank top instead! Click for the tutorial.

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September 3, 2013

How to Make a Reversible Pencil Skirt

ImageNow that summer is over, it all back to business, at least in my book. I really love fall weather…the nice breeze, the air growing cooler (hopefully!), crunchy leaves, and lightweight coats. It’s also the perfect time to slip into a skirt that works great in the office and for a night out. But to amplify the versatility of one of my favorite pieces, I decided to make a reversible pencil skirt that I could style at least two different ways.

I found the perfect wool houndstooth print at Joann’s and decided I had to turn it into something for fall. The black checkered print that makes up the other side of the skirt is something I found at a thrift store auction and just couldn’t give up. I thought it worked perfectly for my reversible skirt project. I used elastic for the waist to make it even more comfortable.

Check out my sewing tutorial on YouTube to find out how I made it!

September 2, 2013

Wool + Recycled Materials = Eco Friendly Fashion

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What’s not to love about clothes made out of wool?  For starters, the wool fiber is so resilient elastic that it can be bent as much as 30 thousand times without breaking or damaging. Not to mention, that wool can also absorb moisture vapor but repel liquids, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

Lastly, wool is especially famous for the beautiful rich colors that we have come to expect from the high quality fabrics. This comes from the ability that wool has to absorb different dyes so deeply without the use of chemicals. No wonder that clothes made out of wool are so popular today.

Good for Clothes, Bad for the Environment

Regrettably, the popularity of clothes made out of wool fabric is giving mother nature a big headache.  The sheep farming industry has grown so fast that it has outgrown the ability of the land to sustain them. These sheep farms are designed to maximize profits so they overstock sheep to the point that it is also increasing soil salinity, erosion and decreased biodiversity. The Oxford University researchers reported that sheep farming was the major factor responsible for a change in vegetation and erosion that is leading to the formation of badlands or barren areas.  In Patagonia, Argentina the sheep farming operation grew to a scale that the soil deterioration in the region triggered a desertification processes that left more than 50 millions of acres in one province permanently damaged due to overstocking according to National Geographic.

Combining High Quality Wool and Eco-Friendly Materials


Bumbling Panda Hybrid wool products bring another viable option to stop the destruction that extreme sheep overstocking is causing to our environment. By combining new and recycled wool we can create fashionable products like our item of the week. Our Hybrid skirts are made out of 6% wool, 44% polyester, and 50% of recycled wool.  They are elegant, stylish , chic and not only  are they good for the environment but they also make your wallet feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Our latest skirt combines high quality wool with recycled and eco-friendly material. The best thing about the design? It’s reversible! That means you can style it any way you want…for work, school, play, nights out, and much more. Stay tuned later in the week for our tutorial on how to make this reversible pencil skirt.

August 24, 2013

A Refashioned Dress from a Shirt


When I first saw this shirt in its original form, I fell in love with the print and color of the fabric. It was great for fall, especially with the leaf motifs and the colors bleeding into each other like watercolor paints.


Original shirt

The only problem was that the shirt’s cut and design weren’t exactly my style. So I decided to cut it up and add a few extra seams here and there. I came up with a dress that is more suited for me. It’s chic and cute and works great for summer too.

The fabric is light, silky, and comfortable. It is so versatile and easy to wear. I styled it with a belt, but when fall comes around, I can wear it with leggings and a blazer.

It feels great to refashion a shirt that might have gone to waste and be able to change it into something I really love wearing. I love being able to use my creativity to make something that is stylish, while also knowing that I’m saving the environment and dressing responsibly. Instead of going to landfills, the shirt gets a second chance while I add another piece to my wardrobe. Everyone wins. 🙂