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November 7, 2013

Two-Toned Infinity Scarf Upcycled from T-Shirt and Dress


After months of avoidance, I’ve finally jumped on the infinity scarf bandwagon! And I’m glad I did because I’m loving the way my two-toned infinity scarf turned out.

Whenever I can, I try to salvage old materials from my thrift shop haul, so I grabbed a t-shirt made out of a rayon jersey material and an old dress that looked like it was made from a chiffon fabric. Both were very silky and lovely to work with. The chiffon especially surprised me with because I’ve had pretty bad experiences with chiffon before and I didn’t want to repeat the disasters with this project. But what’s so great about infinity scarves is that they’re incredibly easy to make and fashionably versatile!

Here are the dress and t-shirt that I upcycled to make the scarves:


I didn’t like the original dress and couldn’t think of how I could have hemmed, elastic-ed, or sleeved it in order to make it look better. I did love the actual fabric though so I thought why not turn it into a scarf? Look at the pretty.


Anyway, I followed Secret Life of a BioNerd’s tutorial on how to make an infinity scarf. I cut and sewed and scrapped together pieces until I had the correct measurements. Love how it turned out! It’s really warm and the material is light and soft, perfect for California’s version of winter!


November 4, 2013

Upcycle T-shirts into Beanies!


As the weather drops it’s difficult not to think about warm hats, hoodies, and of course Christmas sweaters! I always get the itch to knit around the holidays and I’m notorious for making crocheted and knitted hats for all my friends and family. (Not sure if this is a good thing, but I haven’t heard anyone complaining…)

Of course, at Bumbling Panda we’re all about going green and recycling, upcycling, and giving every piece of clothing a second chance. So I pulled out a couple worn t-shirts from my thrift haul and mulled over what to do with them. It didn’t take long for that ah-ha! moment to hit. Then I grabbed a pair of scissors, snip snip snipped, and turned my t-shirts into a beanie. It took about three t-shirts to make this beanie, but it is pretty loose and slouchy on me, just how I like it. It’s super comfy and really thick and warm! Perfect for the cold weather (although I do live in Southern California, so I might be over-exaggerating the coldness here).

If you plan on making your own t-shirt beanie, send me a pic of it! I’d love to see how it turned out. Here’s a helpful video on how to turn your t-shirt into yarn to knit or crochet whatever you want. It doesn’t have to stop at hats! Turn that t-shirt into whatever your heart desires and keep on dressing responsibly!