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September 2, 2013

Wool + Recycled Materials = Eco Friendly Fashion

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What’s not to love about clothes made out of wool?  For starters, the wool fiber is so resilient elastic that it can be bent as much as 30 thousand times without breaking or damaging. Not to mention, that wool can also absorb moisture vapor but repel liquids, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

Lastly, wool is especially famous for the beautiful rich colors that we have come to expect from the high quality fabrics. This comes from the ability that wool has to absorb different dyes so deeply without the use of chemicals. No wonder that clothes made out of wool are so popular today.

Good for Clothes, Bad for the Environment

Regrettably, the popularity of clothes made out of wool fabric is giving mother nature a big headache.  The sheep farming industry has grown so fast that it has outgrown the ability of the land to sustain them. These sheep farms are designed to maximize profits so they overstock sheep to the point that it is also increasing soil salinity, erosion and decreased biodiversity. The Oxford University researchers reported that sheep farming was the major factor responsible for a change in vegetation and erosion that is leading to the formation of badlands or barren areas.  In Patagonia, Argentina the sheep farming operation grew to a scale that the soil deterioration in the region triggered a desertification processes that left more than 50 millions of acres in one province permanently damaged due to overstocking according to National Geographic.

Combining High Quality Wool and Eco-Friendly Materials


Bumbling Panda Hybrid wool products bring another viable option to stop the destruction that extreme sheep overstocking is causing to our environment. By combining new and recycled wool we can create fashionable products like our item of the week. Our Hybrid skirts are made out of 6% wool, 44% polyester, and 50% of recycled wool.  They are elegant, stylish , chic and not only  are they good for the environment but they also make your wallet feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Our latest skirt combines high quality wool with recycled and eco-friendly material. The best thing about the design? It’s reversible! That means you can style it any way you want…for work, school, play, nights out, and much more. Stay tuned later in the week for our tutorial on how to make this reversible pencil skirt.